El Salvador

Visting a Coffee Farm in Ataco, El Salvador

Original photos from February 2012.

During our trip to El Salvador in 2012, we visited a coffee farm in Ataco. The El Carmen Estate has been producing coffee for over four generations, so we were excited to do a tour. Even during high season, we had the entire estate to ourselves, giving us a chance to take our time, learn about the trade, snap some photos, and taste the coffee.

Around Sonsonate, El Salvador

Original photos from February 2012.

Planning for the next year has Alex & I reminiscing about past travels, and has me wanting to share some old photos. In 2012, we flew to El Salvador to attend a former colleague’s wedding, along with our friends Boris & Mui. We had the opportunity to stay at the beautiful beachside resort Las Veraneras Resort in Los Cobanos, thanks to Manu & Lili, but after the wedding we were itching to explore the more rural parts of Sonsonate. Here are a few of the fun things we did during that short trip:

  • Stop at every roadside fruit vendor.
  • Stop at every roadside pupusa cart. Couldn’t get enough! Literally only 15¢ each!
  • Visit the El Carmen Estate coffee farm in Ataco.
  • Hike Santa Ana Volcano, the tallest volcano in the country.